Car Windshield Repair

How To Repair or Replace The Windshield On Your Car

auto glass repairPeople often make the mistake of going for cheap non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Aftermarket parts save you money, but they do not match the tolerance, thickness, and shape of OEM parts. Some even cause additional heat transference and optical distortion. You also get better guarantees with OEM windshields.

Most people think that they should only do windshield replacement if the damage obscured line-of-sight. You should do a replacement even when the damage is small. This is because fractures, chinks, and cracks exacerbate quickly when driving and this could lead to an accident. Even hitting a pothole or a pump could turn a small chip into a crack. You should be particularly careful when in an area that has extreme heat.

Avoid the common temptation of doing repairs to save money. Small cracks can be repaired, but you should have your windshield replaced when you have long cracks (over 4 inches) or several cracks since they weaken the integrity and strength of the glass. Other situations that warrant replacement and not repairs are cracks that affect both the inner and outer layers of the glass and when the windshield has built-in defrosting/heat systems, moisture sensors, or special tinting.

Auto Windshield Repair – A Few Things You Should Know!

Most people are ignorant of the laws of their state with regard to broken windshields. If you are in a state that has safety inspection laws, replacing your windshield following damage is a must. In some states, you are entitled to deductible-free windshield replacement if you have a comprehensive insurance policy.

As the old adage goes, cheap is expensive. Avoid the common mistake of going for an inexperienced windshield installer just to save money. Do not cut corners since an improperly fixed windshield is a time bomb. A good installer should be licensed, insured, well-trained, and experienced and he/she should have the tools, equipment, and supplies necessary. The installer you go for should also follow Quality Assurance Procedures and the adhesives used must meet standards by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Some people even opt for DIY (do-it-yourself) windshield replacement. Hiring a professional for the job not only gives you convenience and professionalism, but it also saves you money since it means you do not have to buy the supplies and equipment needed for the job.

You probably did not know that windshields have warranties. Some installers will not tell you this if you do not specifically ask. Go for a windshield that has manufacturer warranty as well as installer guarantee.